Monday, January 11, 2010

Bitter Monday

It is a bitter Monday considering the extreme cold and the embarrassing beating the Ravens gave our beloved New England Patriots. This morning FOX Sports on MSN ran an article titled "Playoff Loss May Signal End of Patriots Run". It hurts to read it, but it rings of truth.

Here are some reader's comments posted at the end of the article.

WARNING: Contents may be hazardous to your mental health!

Comment 1:Moss looks done, he doesn't want to play anymore. Wouldn't have even known he was in the game. But then again, the ball has to be thrown SOMEWHERE near him. LOL!

Comment 2: I think this season was a reality check for Bill Belichick he seems to be of the view that its all about his "schemes" and all he needs is a few pawns plus Brady to Bill you also need bishops.

Comment 3: This year's edition of the Pats was missing something all year and anyone who has followed this team long enough could see it as well...

Comment 4:I do not wanna hear "IF WELKER PLAYED" then it would be different....that is complete bull. The Ravens had their number 2 and 3 best CB's on the IR...just admit the ravens are better...

Comment 5: The difference between this year and the previous years is that Belichick's cheating couldn't help them anymore! The Patriots soared in the era of the helmet headphone and Belichick's deliberate cheating. Once that ended, so did the Patriots...

Comment 6: The proof that Brady is a system QB is becoming very apparent. He is a product of the "team" if the team collapses, so does he. Matt Cassel is proof of this. He stepped into the system last year after not starting a football game since high school and was able to put up very good numbers( 4000 yards passing), and almost got the Pats in the playoffs.

And this final comment that will hopefully make you feel better...
Tom Brady coming off a full year of not playing, wins the AFC East, has his second best year statistically and wins the comeback player of the year award. This is all without Bruschi, Vrabel, Seymour, Harrison and the last game without Welker. They have a nice young team with some very talented players. They have great picks in the upcoming draft. I see a team in rebuilding, with a great foundation. Most teams drop to the bottom of the Division while rebuilding. I look at this as a great season and I only see the Patriots getting better from this point forward.

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