Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reminder: Satellite Office to close tomorrow

The Middlesex South satellite recording office will close at the end of the day tomorrow. This office was established in the summer of 2003 to assist with the tremendous volume of recordings being done at that time. This past June, because of the availability of electronic recording and because of resource reductions related to the economic crisis, Middlesex North ceased operating the satellite office. At that time, personnel from the Secretary of State's office began staffing the satellite office, but that was only to bridge the time needed to get electronic recording fully operational in Cambridge. Since that has now happened, the satellite office will be closing completely and that will happen at 3 pm tomorrow. From then on, any Middlesex South recordings will have to be done in Cambridge or by electronic recording. In a related development, the satellite office for Middlesex North that has been operated at the registry of deeds in Cambridge will close tomorrow as well.

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