Monday, January 25, 2010

Save the Date

Save the date…January 27, 2010.
Well, Apple Computer has scheduled a biggggg event to make a biggggg announcement this Wednesday, January 27...and Apple Exec’s are promising it won't disappoint.
In typical Apple fashion the event is surrounded by secrecy.
Last week Apple sent invitations to journalist to “come see our latest creation”.
"Our latest creation"? Now that offers many possibilities. Could it be a new iPhone? a new iPod? a Steve Jobs health report? Maybe, but Apple is not telling, not until Wednesday, anyway.
Most experts think Apple will use the event to announce a new Tablet Computer.
I agree...
For months I have been reading articles speculating that Apple is going to enter the tablet computer market, so it makes sense that "our latest creation" refers to a tablet.
Rumor has it, the new tablet will be only 10” in size. Many are describing it as a sort of big iPod Touch. The larger screen will allow the device to run more diverse Apps than the iTouch. If true this would make it immensely popular.
So save the date...January 27
Like with all Apple announcements we'll wait with bated breath.

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