Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Need An App For That

I own an iPhone…I love it, but recently I’ve become a little disappointed, not in the Apple phone, but in the Apps they sell for it.
We’ve all seen the commercial bragging that the iPhone has 100,00 Apps and the announcer saying…“want to know how much to tip your waitress? There’s an App for that”.

OK, that’s great, but there are several things I would love to have an App for, but there isn’t one.

For instance...

On nights when the dishwasher is clean and full, I would love to be able to time my arrival home so my wife gets there first and empties it before I arrive...but there is No App for that.

When Tom Brady goes back to pass and a huge tight end is closing in on him I would like to be able to warn him...but there's No App for that.

My toaster has several cook settings, but none of them work and I hate dark toast. I need something that says, “hey Tony, your toast is golden”...but there's No App for that.

I love wind up clocks. I own five of them. The problem with wind up clocks is they need to be rewound every seven days...but there's No App for that.

I’m a barbecue food freak. I don’t mean Texas style. I’m more a hot dog, hamburger type guy. Every time I light my grill, I wonder, do I have enough propane...but there's No App for that.

When the New York Yankees come to Boston and sweep the Red Sox I need something to cheer me up...but there's No App for that.

Finally, sometimes coming up with fresh, new blog ideas is very difficult. I would love help...but there's No App for that.

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Anonymous said...

tight ends do not rush the quarterback