Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elevator Update

Yesterday, I attended a meeting concerning the construction on the new elevator at the Middlesex Superior Courthouse in Lowell. I attended mainly as an observer. The primary participants were the construction company Aberthaw, the architect LIEB and representatives from the state's Department of Capital Management (DCAM). The elevator will be located on the exterior of the building facing Elm Street. I have seen an artist rendering, but not the actual plans of the structure. The project start date depends mainly on the delivery of some specialized supplies. James Alley, President of Aberthaw said he expects to begin construction sometime in the middle of March. The contract specifies that the contractor complete the job by November 20, 2010. During the work all functions in the Superior Courthouse and Registry of Deeds will continue uninterrupted. To ensure this, the contractor has agreed to work between the hours of 6PM and 4AM.

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