Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Lost iPhone?

OK…now, its getting crazy.
Apple Computer known for protecting its technology secrets like a linemen does his quarterback, failed again.
Last month an unreleased iPhone 4G was left on a bar stool in Redwood City.
Incredible…That’s just NOT what you expect from Apple
And now, “reportedly” another unreleased 4G iPhone has be discovered…this time in Vietnam.
Notice, I said “reportedly”.
The “found” device was given to a mobile phone dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. Here is what we know for sure about the “reported” 4G…
It is the same thickness as the real 4G that was lost in Redwood City; It is the same length as the real 4G lost in Redwood City; and it has a front camera like the 4G lost in Redwood City…in other words it is identical.
But there are some experts who think the Vietnamese iPhone is a fake, manufactured in China.
There is no information on how the phone (real or not) got to Vietnam or who might have found it.
Photos of this second lost/stolen/fake iPhone were published in the Vietnamese website Taoviet.

Take a look and make your own decision

Below is the iPhone found in Redwood City last month and confirmed to be real by Apple itself.

Below is the iPhone found in Vietnam...You decide if you think it too is a real 4G.

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