Monday, May 03, 2010

Techie Shorts

Here are five of this weeks biggest Techie Shorts

1.Apple sold an incredible one million iPads in the first month of sales. That figure is double the amount of iPhone sold in its first month. Did you get that DOUBLE the sales of the iPhone

2.The Verizon's Droid smart phone is selling like hotcakes (see the iPhone and Blackberry aren’t the smart phones out there). Right now, you can’t buy a Droid and Verizon representatives are telling customers don’t expect to see delivery for several weeks.

3.Wired magazine is one of my favorites...Here is an example why. After the “theft” of Apple’s iPhone 4G and its premature publication by Gizmodo, “Wired” set out to find the person who found the phone and sold it to Gizmodo...within one week it hunted down and found Brian Hogan. Nice job Gizmodo.

4.Google is cooking something up. I can just feel it...the Internet giant purchased Bump Top. Bump Top? Remember when Google purchased YouTube for one billion dollars and we all asked "whats YouTube"? Yeah, you remember...and now we're all asking "Whats Bump Top?". It is a company that developed software that can take two dimensional pictures and make them three dimensional. I feel something simmering.

5.And back to Apple December of 2009, Apple bought LaLa. Lala is a free music service that allows you to listen to “most” any song you want, did I mention Free? Just six months later Apple shocked Lala lovers, with an announcement that the site would be closing at the end of May. You see, I was right..Apple and Free are like water and oil.

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