Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple's Almost Jacket

I finally bought the new iPhone 4G.
I’ve had it for about two weeks now and yes, I like it.
Sure, I was a little nervous about purchasing the 4G because of the phone's reputation for dropping calls.
I bought it at the Apple Store and asked the salesman about the problem(he wouldn't call it a problem, rather an issue). He told me Apple would send me a "free jacket" for the phone that would resolve the problem, I mean issue.
Fortunately, after using the iPhone for two weeks I haven't lost a call, yet. But I sent away for the free Apple iPhone 4G "jacket" away. I got it yesterday.
It came in a hard, securely sealed case, so secure I had to cut it open with a knife.
According to Apple, an open seam in the chrome rim around the phone that acts as an antenna is the cause of the dropped calls, I mean issue. The purpose of the "free jacket" is to cover this seam.
Great...So I’m figuring, even if I don’t need it to prevent calls from dropping, the "jacket" will protect the phone.
Wow, I was shocked when I finally removed the so called "jacket" from the shipping box. It really isn’t a "jacket" at all. It is more like a “vest” with no back. This "almost jacket" only fits around the rim of the phone and affords no real protection whatsoever.
I laughed when I saw the "almost jacket". All I could think was how much I love Apple products, but how they don't give anything away for free... problem, I mean issue or no issue...not even a lousy, little, phone "jacket".

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