Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Electrical Issues

For the past few months several of our computers have exploded while being plugged in. At the time we rationalized the situation with various possible excuses...dust or moist in the unit; possibly a bad power supply, a brief power surge ect. But recently the situation has escalated. Two days ago a surge protector exploded when a two year old scanner was plugged into it. The spark was so intense it cracked the unit's plastic frame.
And this morning things got even worse...we had two computers explode. One when first powered-up and the other about two minutes after. With the help of the Secretary of State's Office we had an electrician at the registry within hours of the incident this morning. His first look brought nothing unusual to his attention.
He determined further investigation was needed, so tomorrow the electrician will hook a computer up to the main breaker panel. The flow of current will be monitored for several days then the experts will assess the results.

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