Monday, September 20, 2010

Redfin v Zillow

Two years ago a website called burst upon the scene providing extensive information about homes for sale. Last week, someone told me about a competing site called Redfin. I did a search on Redfin in my zip code and found most (but not all) of the houses for sale in my neighborhood. Different icons designate single family homes, multifamily homes and condominiums. Sliding the cursor over one of these icons displays the asking price plus the number of bedrooms and baths. Deeper into the site are interior photos of each of the properties and other data. Schools in the vicinity are also plotted on the map with icons and another feature provides you with the test scores of that school, comments from parents of children at the school and a variety of other information. For anyone interested in buying a home, these sites (Redfin and Zillow) are excellent tools to employ.

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Matt said...

Hi Dick,

We're glad you found Redfin!

We should have all the homes for sale so if there is a home for sale that you don't find on Redfin just email me at and we'll look into why we don't have it, since we really should have them all.