Friday, September 24, 2010

Techie Shorts

Thursday a software glitch crashed the popular social networking site Facebook. For two hours and millions of Facebookers found themselves unable to answer the question “What's on your mind?

Just last week scientist released the results of testing that proved Einstein’s theory that time moves faster as an object moves away from the earth…interesting theory. With this in mind I have decided to extend my life by living mainly on the first floor of my house.

Rental movie giant Netflix is now offering a fee plan that will provide consumer “instant play” programs only (in Canada that is). This is surely a sign of the future of this industry.

For months, no for years rumors have circulated that Apple was on the verge of contracting with Verizon to allow the carrier to sell the iPhone. It looks like this is just that, a rumor. Verizon CEO, Ivan Siedenberg was quoted last week saying... “We don’t feel like we have an iPhone deficit”. I guess that will end speculation for a while.

No question Amazon’s e-reader, the Kindle is in a major battle with Apple’s iPad. In a move that will surely help its cause Kindle recently released an application that will allow its ebooks to be read on Andriod driven phones.

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