Monday, September 27, 2010

The Looms at Boott Mill Lowell

This video was originally post on YouTube by lala412

Here is the video description:
The looms in the museum at Boott Mill in Lowell, MA. While only a few of the many looms were running, the noise in the room was deafening, so I lowered the sound and added a classical music piece as a soundtrack. The museum does offer earplugs. :-) At one point near the end, the second time I show the blue cloth being woven, there is a white thread marker that the "mill girl" added in the center of the fabric right before I started taping again to show how fast the looms weave - they do 140 - 150 rows per minute! The very last loom is the only 4 shaft automated loom in the factory. Since it can have 4 weft threads going at once, it can weave plaids - the others cannot. They can have different warp colors, but only one weft color going at a time.

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