Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bagged and Tagged

Several years ago we took our Records Books out of circulation and switched over completely to digital images. In order to make all of the images available to the public electronically we cut the pages of the record books from he binding and scanned them. After scanning, we stored the books in the basement of the building. We used two heavy elastics. One around the loose pages and the second to secure the matching binding to book insides. This method of storage worked well for a time, but recently some of the elastic have begun to dry-out and break.

Rather than just replace the elastics, we decided to move to a more permanent means of securing the books. We decided on plastic bags. Last week we ordered several thousand inexpensive 4 mil plastic bags that snugly wrap around the book firmly holding the binder and loose pages in place. The bags measure 14"X22".

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