Monday, July 11, 2011

Plan Plotter Not Printing Scale Size

Unfortunately, for the past two months we have been experiencing some major problems with our Xerox Plan Plotter. This is truly unusual. This 6204 wide format printer is our second Xerox Plotter and for the most part both of these machines have been very reliable.

Here is the problem(s)...for some reason and only occasionally, when scale plans are order the 24"X36" paper roll gets jammed in the tray (fax size and 18"x24" print fine). And there is more...this paper jam causes the plotter to loose its link with the computer server that holds our plans.
Usually clearing the jam and re-establishing the link by rebooting the the computer solves the problem... for awhile. Yes, this easy to do and keeps us running.

But today, the problem reached a crisis level...a customer sent a 24"X36" plan to print and the plotter jammed. We cleared the jam as usual, then a second 24"x36" was sent to print, another jam. This occurred numerous times this morning.

We called the Xerox Maintenance Department. Someone is scheduled to come out sometime this afternoon to check the plotter.

So unfortunately, at this time the public CAN print fax size and 18x24 plans but can NOT print 24"x36" plans.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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