Friday, July 22, 2011

Twitter Hits the Big-Time

Twitter has hit the big-time!

Just how big, is the big-time?
Big enough to lure the President of the United States and six of his possible challengers.

Earlier this week six presidential candidates engaged in a kind of mini-debate forum...using Twitter. Republicans Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson Thadeus McCotter and Rick Santorum went at it, trading tweat for tweat.

The battle lasted 90 minutes with 140 character jabs and jives going back and forth. Sure using Twitter like this is new, but the candidates seemed to have no problem using "Twitterspeak"...Check this out from Rep Michele Bachman... Obama failed. With ur help we can return the people's voice to the WH, restore fiscal sanity & make Obama a 1 term president.

For techie observers this Twitter forum was a perfect example of how social media is changing the world, in all areas. But as you would expect with any technology experiment, reports say there were down-sides to the event. Twitter allowed little interaction between the candidates and made it a little difficult to keep track of who was tweating what.

But heck, six presidential candidates is still hitting the big-time.

And President Obama is into Twitter too.
Last week the President conducted a first ever Town Hall Meeting using Twitter. Fellow tweaters flooded questions into the president. And he tweated answers right back at em. His staff considered the event very successful.

Twitter has hit the big-time and it is here to stay. I've believed in the potential of Twitter right from the beginning. When people knocked Twitter saying "I'm not interested in reading tweats about what someone ate for dinner", I would reply..."Neither am I. It is not the tool (Twitter) that's the problem. You can use a hammer to pound and make noise or you can build a house with it.

Looks like Twitter started building a subdivision last week.

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