Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Google+ Captures the Headlines

Everyday I look at the Technology section of Google is very helpful if you like keeping up with what happening in the computer world. This morning I found my visit to Google News especially interesting. Here are some of the headlines I saw today:

Google+ Will Let Users Conceal Gender

Google+ Faces Thorny Online Identity Issue

Can Google+ Be a Facebook Killer

Google+ Won't Kill Twitter

and then there are theses...

Study: Google+ Population Explodes to 10 Million

Google+ Already Ran Out of Disk Space

Social Networking Privacy-Beyond the Google+ Hype


Google+: The Verdict So Far

Google+ Offers Chance For A Social Reboot

I think you are getting my point...Google's new social networking site, Google+ is the big, or should I say the big, big news in today's Technology world. Right now, the media is obviously in love with Google+.

I think if I was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg I'd be a little worried. But maybe this headline in the Google News Technology section says it best:

Mark Zuckerberg Shuts Google+ Account, No Longer Most Popular User

Mmmmmm, I wonder why.

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