Friday, July 08, 2011

Lowell Superior Courthouse Wonderful Example of Arts & Craft Styles

I must admit, sometimes I feel guilty. Working in the Lowell Superior Courthouse everyday I often take for granted the beauty of the construction and finish work in this historic building. Today, I want to specifically mention the remarkable wood trim that adorns this 110 year old building.

Pictured at the bottom of this page is a judge's bench on the first floor of the addition. Built in 1895, this woodwork is a classic example of the Arts & Crafts movement that dominated this period.

The Arts & Crafts movement was a reaction to the ornate style of the Victorian Age and the mass production of the Industrial Age...Mainly built with Quarter Sawn Oak, the beauty of Arts & Crafts woodwork is in its simplicity of design and construction.

Example of a Quarter Sawn Oak Panel. The distinct patterns are called Medullary Rays. You can find examples of these throughout the courthouse.

Finally, don't be like me... the next time you visit us, be sure to enjoy the building's craftsmanship...

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