Friday, August 10, 2012

Did you Ever Wonder?

Do you remember the famous 60 minutes commentator, Andy Rooney? You know the grey haired guy who usually started his segment with the question..."did you ever wonder"?

Well, the other day I started wondering too...more specifically I started wondering about computer related names. I wondered...Where did certain names come from, so I did a little investigation.

And here is what I discovered...

Did you ever wonder "where the name google came from?
Sources say...The name Google comes from the word googol which is a term used to describe the number 1 with one hundred zeros after it (no, I'm not going to write here). And computer coding is done using multiple sequences of zeros and ones like googols.

Did you ever wonder where the name Dell Computer came from?
This is an easy one... Sources say Dell Computer is named after its founder "Michael Dell".

Did you ever wonder why Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak name their new computer company Apple?
Sources say, contrary to rumor, the name has no connection to Isaac Newton and his famous apple...rather, the goal of the new company was to make the computer a household item. Jobs and Wozniak wanted to avoid the typical "cold" names most computer companies had adopted in the seventies (IBM, DEC etc). And at the time of the founding of Apple, Steve Jobs was a vegetarian...and the "apple" was his favorite fruit.

Did you ever wonder where the name CISCO came from?
Sources say, CISCO is an abbreviation for San Francisco, the city where the company started. Some even believe that if you look closely at the CISCO logo you'll see the image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Did you ever wonder why Apple named its iPhone assistant "Siri"?
Sources say, there are many theories regarding the naming of Siri, but this one seems to make the most sense...Norwegian Dag Kittilaus founded the company that developed Siri. Kittilaus planned on naming his first child, which he thought was going to be a girl, Siri...problem, the first child turn out to be a Kittilaus had to name "his company" (rather than daughter) after his favorite Norwegian female name, "Siri".

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