Thursday, August 02, 2012

July recording statistics

Here are the district-wide numbers from this July compared to last year:

The number of deeds was up 25%, rising from 474 in July 2011 to 593 in July 2012
The number of mortgages was up 75%, rising from 765 in July 2011 to 1340 in July 2012
The number of foreclosure deeds was down 11%, decreasing from 37 in July 2011 to 33 in July 2012
The number of orders of notice was up 63%, rising from 52 in July 2011 to 85 in July 2012.

The best news is the dramatic rise in the number of mortgages being recorded which suggests more and more people are taking advantage of historically low interest rates (and that lenders are allowing folks to take advantage of this opportunity).  The bad news is the significant rise in the number of orders of notice.  We'll take a closer look at what's going on there and report back in a future blog post.

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