Friday, August 03, 2012

Touch Screen

Two things...

First I want/need a new laptop. Right now, I'm running an old war-horse of a computer with the Vista Operating System (don't laugh).

Second...I love devices that work with a touch screen. How did we ever live without touch screen?
Here is an example of how used to touch screen I've become: The other day a friend showed me a picture of his young son he had taken with his "older" cellphone. I looked at the picture, nice then placed my index finger on the screen and swiped left seeking another picture of the youngster.

Obviously, it didn't work.

Him:Hey, what are you trying to do.
Me: I'm looking for another picture.
Him: Well, excuse me...that's not a touch screen, mister hoytie toytie.
Me:Oh yeah, I forgot.
Him: Let me do it for you.
With that statement my friend click a button, then a second button, then a third button on his brontosaurus phone until finally a different picture of his son displayed.

OK, I know what you're thinking... interesting story, but what does touch screen have to do with the fact that you need a new laptop?

Its Microsoft's fault (troublemakers).

Vista doesn't have touch screen, Windows 7 doesn't have touch screen...but Windows 8 will! In fact Windows 8 is both touch screen and mouse driven (as I understand it).

Rumors are everywhere that Microsoft will release Windows 8 in October. So me?, I'm waiting before I make the move.

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