Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Got A Google Tablet

I'm excited, truly excited...Last week I celebrated my birthday and one for the gifts I received was the new Google Tablet.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped the package and saw the Nexus 7 box.
"Its the Google Tablet", I shouted. "I can't believe it".

I must admit, it was exactly what I wanted.
Yes, I already have an Apple iPad (or should I say, my wife has an Apple iPad since I never really get a chance to use it)...but I still wanted the Google Tablet.

There are several reason why I wanted the Google Tablet:
I wanted an Andriod device.
I wanted an assistant small and light effort to carry in my back-pack.
And I wanted a tablet unrestricted by Apple's "unique" operating system.

I've been playing with my new Tablet for several days now and here are some of my impressions.
It is small and light which I love.
The display is very sharp, sharp enough to make Netflix a pleasure to watch.
It has a great voice navigation App.
It easily stores all my music and I have 1400 songs.

One thing, just one thing it is missing on the new Google Tablet, a front and back camera.Yes, there is a camera, but it is front pointing. It is designed mainly for video conferencing and not picture taking.

Considering all things I love this gift.

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