Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Scanners

The operation of our Recording Counter Scanners posed the biggest problem during our recent computer refresh. A little background...For several years now we have been running Fujitsu 5650C scanners without problems. We found them reliable, fast and efficient, real work-horses.

The new computer installed last week run the Windows 7 Operating System. Our scanner problems began when these computers were connect to the scanners.

The scanners' speed and image quality was fine, but unfortunately, the application froze and had to be rebooted every four or five minutes.

For several days computer technicians from the state and independent vendors worked on the problem without success. Finally, we switched one of our older scanners (fi-5650C)and replaced it with a newer one (fi-6240Z). We scanned exclusively on this scanner for the large part of a day as a test. Fortunately, we experienced no problems.

This success gave us the confidence to replace our remaining four Recording Counter Scanners.

Today is the second day running the new Fujitsu 6240Z scanners and there have been no problems.

I think we have finally resolved the issue.

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