Saturday, January 10, 2004

It was only minus-10 degrees at 7 this morning, but the cold is not the cause of this weekend's problems with our website. Here's an explanation: the web pages you see when you first go to reside on a server that is physically located at the registry of deeds in Lowell. When you "search records" on the website, however, you are shifted to another server that is located at the Secretary of State's office in Boston. This dispersion is a good thing. If there was a fire in Lowell, for example, the data portion of the website (in Boston) would remain in operation. (The data on that Boston computer is also the primary backup for the main computer in Lowell that stores all the active data and images used within the registry). Back to this weekend: the electrical system in the Boston building is being upgraded this weekend, so all its electrical power has been shut down. Hence, no web data. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be back up sometime on Sunday.

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