Saturday, January 03, 2004

Many homeowners come to the registry in search of their plot plans. They leave disappointed. The plot plan, which shows the footprint of the house and the boundaries of that one lot, is usually required by a lender whenever a mortgage is obtained to show that the building is on the lot and that it complies with the local zoning rules. Although homeowners should get a copy of the plot plan, they either don't or they do but misplace it. Later, when the homeowner applies for a building permit to put up a deck, a garage or a fence, some type of plan is required and the homeowner journeys to the registry for a copy of the plan that he's already paid for. But plot plans don't get recorded, only subdivision plans do. For 2004, the registry will start recommending to lawyers that they attach a copy of the plot plan to deeds and mortgages as an exhibit. That way, there will be no additional charge to the homeowner (who's paying to record the deed or mortgage anyway) and the plot plan will always be available in the registry's records.

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