Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Standards of Conduct for Notaries Public in Massachusetts recently went into effect. Click HERE to view the Standards. Because this document specifies what a Notary Public can and cannot do, it should provide useful guidance. One requirement is that every Notary maintain a journal in book form in which the Notary records (1) the date and time of each notarial act; (2) the type of notarial act; (3) the type, title or a description of the document; (4) the signature, printed name and address of each person signing; (5) description of the evidence of identity of each person signing; (6) the fee charged if any; and (7) the address where the notarization was performed. While I can't speak for every Notary Public, those I do know believe these additional requirements will make the act of notarizing a document much more burdensome, thereby making it more difficult for the average citizen to find a Notary Public willing to offer his services. Here at the Registry, where we offer Notarial services at no charge at our Customer Service Office, we will continue to do just that and will strive to comply fully with these new requirements.

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