Monday, January 05, 2004

This morning, Lowell radio station WCAP (980 AM) interviewed author Nicholas Basbanes about his recent book, "A Splendor of Letters" which is about efforts to preserve books. Mr. Basbanes, who's a native of Lowell (i.e., Basbanes Laundry, Atty George Basbanes) has written a number of books about books. At the Registry of Deeds, how we handle our Record Books is a big issue. More than two years ago, we stopped producing them altogether, relying on electronic images and microfilm backup. Now we're contemplating putting the thousands of exisitng books whose images are available on our computers and on the Internet into storage both to help preserve the books (dropping a 20 pound book on top of a copier isn't good for the book or the copier) and to cut back on our space needs. But these are not steps to take lightly, so I'm planning to buy Mr Basbanes' book. To visit his website, click HERE.

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