Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Middlesex South Registry in Cambridge will spend this coming weekend converting to the ACS computer system. Customers should see a huge improvement in the operation of the Public Access computers. The days of waiting endlessly for an image to appear on screen will be over. With the ACS system, document images appear almost instantaneously on a split screen, with the indexing data on the left and the image on the right. More good news - Cambridge should also have its images and data on the Internet within the next month. Although the ACS system has worked wonderfully here in Lowell since its installation back in June 2002, the first week or two of the process are very turbulent and stressful for both employees and customers, so it really helps if everyone remembers to relax and stay calm. During our first few days with the new system, we were confronted with a steady procession of highly agitated title examiners convinced that index entries had evaporated during the conversion. In almost all cases, when registry employees performed the same search using the new system's instructions (and not the habitual "this is the way we did in on the Wang" process), the "missing" data reappeared. In the few cases that problems did occur, they were quickly fixed.

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