Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Not MY Google

Did you hear what Google did (allegedly)? I mean, I'm having a really hard time believing this is true, but then again, I still insist on getting a chocolate bunny every Easter.

Have you ever used Google's Street View? I'll bet you have. It is great. Street View is a pictorial log of most of the United States. Believe it or not Google had cars drive up and down most streets in the US taking panoramic pictures of the buildings, trees and most everything else in their path.

Actually, Street View is available in about 50 countries throughout the world. I mainly use it when I'm looking for directions to a destination I've never gone to before.

OK, Street View is great, but did you here what Google "supposedly" did while taking these 360 degree images? Wow...I'm in semi-disbelief (is there such a mental state as semi-disbelief?). But then again, I went to the dentist last week and found $2.00 under my pillow that night.

While the "Google-mobiles" were driving around the US capturing every nook and cranny they were also collecting something else, or that's what some think anyway.

I still can't believe it...I really can't. MY Google do something like this? Never! If this is true, I'll sell you that bridge I bought last year in Brooklyn for a buck.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, at the same time as they took pictures, the Google-mobiles also collected personal information from unsecured wireless networks as it cruised the highways and byways of the America.

Come on! Are you kidding me?   

Google officials claim the "supposed" spy software was "supposedly" installed without their knowledge or authorization by an "alleged", "supposed" Google engineer, who was "acting on his own"...but the FCC doesn't agree. 

According to EPIC, "a public interest research center in Washington D.C"., the FCC's report on the personal data collection by Google "indicates that Google intentionally intercepted payload data for business purposes and that many supervisors and engineers within the company reviewed the code and the design documents associated with the project".

Yicks! Google, say it isn't so!  I just DO NOT BELIEVE IT...but then again, I think its awful that Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo was suspended because he "accidentally" tripped into that NBA referee the other night.

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