Tuesday, May 08, 2012

MassLandRecords "basket" function

The MassLandRecords website which contains all of our digital document images permits users to view images, to print them and to download them.  The earlier version of MLR downloaded the documents as single page TIF images.  The downloads on the new version, done through the "basket" function, came to your computer as PDF files. While PDFs are probably more portable and are certainly easier to view for many people.  However, TIF images offered customers more flexibility - some would paste them into Word documents, for example - than was the case with PDFs.  To accommodate such innovations, we recently modified the website to permit downloads in either PDF or TIF format.  Once you open your basket after adding a document to it, you now click on either PDF or TIF to begin the download with the file coming to you in whichever format you chose.

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