Monday, May 21, 2012

Instruments of Redemption from city of Lowell

Ever since the city of Lowell held it's first in recent memory tax lien auction back on April 26, 2012, it seems that quite a few home owners have arrived here at the registry of deeds with Instruments of Redemption in their hands, seeking to record them.  The Instrument of Redemption is the document generated after the back taxes have been paid.  It must be recorded to clear the record of the initial taking.  Some of the citizens who arrive here are surprised/disappointed that they have to pay a $75 recording fee to the registry of deeds after having paid substantial sums to the city for back taxes but most realize that's the way the system works.

I assumed there had been an uptick in the number of instruments of redemption from Lowell being recorded but that was not the case.  From April 1, 2012 until today, there were 41.  From April 1, 2011 until May 21, 2011 there were 41 - the exact same number.  Maybe the ones recorded last year arrived by mail or at least less noticeably than the ones from this year. 

Whatever the case, the city is planning to try the tax lien auction again during the third week in August since the first attempt yielded no bids and made no sales.  Tax takings for FY2011 are scheduled to be completed and recorded by the end of June, so those properties will also be included in the August auction.  For more information about this tax lien auction, contact the city of Lowell Tax Title Division.

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