Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Next Big Thing...Maybe

I am just finishing up a book titled "The New New Thing" by Michael Lewis. One of its major themes is that once something hits big in the technology world there is another thing that quickly follows behind. That is "the new new thing".
     Last week the New York Times listed technology starts up that might become "the next Big Thing".

Here is a list of four:

Square: Square was developed by one of the founders of Twitter. It is an App with an attachment that allows vendors to turn a cell phone into a credit card reader.

Airtime: Actually, I was a little hesitant to write about Airtime since little is known about it right now except that it is being developed by the two guys that started Napster the music sharing site...this time Sean Parker and Sean Fanning are developing a movie sharing site.

Quora: Got a question...Quora's got the answer. It is kind of a wiki. A member asks a question and other members answer it. Behind this start up are Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheevers two of the original Facebook employees. 

Dropbox: Dropbox has been around for a while now, but it is still a start up. Dropbox is a kind of cloud storage for files, photos and music. Can you believe it already has 50 million users.

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