Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Will There Be Ink?

     Did you ever have an experience when a non-related sight, sound, event changed or clarified a concept you'd been kicking around in your head?
       It happened to me over the Memorial Day weekend. I was taking a walk with my wife (she wants me to lose weight) in an area located across from a beach. I passed a small cottage with three people sitting on a street level deck very close to the sidewalk, so close I could have touch them. I saw two young girls and one young man. I speculated all three were in their early twenties.
      Now here is the thing that struck me....the first girl was reading an electronic book on a Kindle, the young man was reading the news on his laptop computer and it looked like the second girl was scanning a magazine on her iPad.
     Something about this scene hit me...ten years ago these three would have been reading a paperback book, a printed newspaper, and a paper magazines...but not today. Today their information was all being delivered by an electronic device. I thought to myself... this is the next generation. Sand or no sand, they "want" to get there information electronically.
      I wondered... can ink and paper survive the new generation?  

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