Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finding "Our" Southern Middlesex Plans on the Internet

Over the past couple of days I've had several people ask me how to find "our" Southern Middlesex Plans on the Internet. First, let me explain why I called these plans "our" Southern Middlesex Plans. The Middlesex North Registry of Deeds didn't opened until July of 1855. All plans for any of our ten towns before that day were recorded at the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds in Cambridge...hence, we called them "our" Southern Middlesex Plans.

Anyway... here is how to find "our" Southern Middlesex Plans on the Internet:

Log into, select "Search Criteria", under the "Plan" section select "Unindexed Property", enter the book and page of the plan you want to view. OK, here comes a curve ball, all of "our" Southern Middlesex plan books are labeled with a prefix of "90". This means if you want to see Southern Middlesex Plan Book "2" you enter 902 for the plan book number.  After you enter the appropriate information hit "Search" and the indexing information will pop up, select "View Image"...that's it.
Here are some pictures to help...yes, I know they are kind of small, but click on them and they will enlarge.  

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