Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Talking Car

Back in the olden days when I was a kid, there was a TV show called My Mother the Car. The plot of the show revolved around Attorney David Crabtree who purchased a unique 1928 Porter touring car. The car was unique because it just happened to be the reincarnation of  Crabtree's mother. And of course, the car talked to its son, the esquire, through the radio. It was without doubt one of the stupidest shows I've ever watched, "once".

Call me a little strange, but for some reason that stupid show popped into my head yesterday. "How ridiculous", I thought, "a car that talks to you.Foolish!"
Call me strange, again...but I check Google News every morning and especially enjoy the technology section. Can you believe this morning,  I read this headline in the Los Angeles Times "New Service Turns Your Car Into A Talking Personal Assistant".

Come on, are you kidding!

Hey, this time I'll call myself strange. Think about it, the day after I had some stupid, 45 year old, TV show that featured a talking car, terrorizing my brain...a headline appears in a major newspaper stating... talking-cars are just on the horizon.

It's true...

The smart technology behind the innovation was developed by Dragon, the voice recognition software. The company calls it...Dragon Drive. Truthfully, I've already seen some of the features of Dragon Drive operational in newer cars, but some I've never seen, and they look pretty cool...check them out.

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