Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Play... "What's His Invention"

 Let's play a game. I call it "What's His Invention". Here is how it works...I'll give you ten facts about either the invention or the inventor and you see if you can guess the invention.

Sounds like fun.

First, a little introduction...Yesterday, Eugene Polley passed away at the age of 96. Polley was an engineer by trade. Before his death he lived "in a junk-cluttered house, played pool for pocket change and liked a smooth gin and tonic (Chicago Tribune). For one of the most widely used invention in the world Polley received a meager $1,000. 

Now back to the game...Are you ready to play "What's His Invention"?

OK, here we go:

1. Eugene Polley invented a device that changed the world.

2. Polley's invention forever changed the relationship between between men and women.

3. The sale of AAA batteries increased hugely because of Polley's invention.

4. Polley's invention is often lost under couch pillows.

5.  The advertising world is still in havoc because of Polley's device.

6. Polley's invention gave a new meaning to the word "surfing".

7. What Polley gave to the world might be responsible for more weight gain than most fast-food restaurants.

8. Many people call Polley's device "the clicker".

9. Eugene Polley began his career working for Zenith Corporation.

10.  In 1997 the National Academy of Television honored Eugene Polley with an Emmy Award .

So...We know the inventor is Eugene Polley but, the question is... "What's His Invention?"

Scroll down for the answer...

Answer: The Wireless TV Remote Control

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Liza said...

RIP Mr.Polley!!!We thank you for your vision!Even in your passing you are bringing people together here and bringing back fond memories of days gone by.I offer an internet toast to Mr.Polley and the remote!