Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I used to love golf...but for some reason I gave it up about fifteen years ago, ironically, when I bought a house over-looking a golf course. Recently, I accompanied my son-in-law to a golf equipment store. It turned out to be an interesting, eye opening trip.
    He was looking for a new driver and I agreed to tag along, just for fun. I must admit I was shocked as I strolled through the aisles and saw the changes in golf equipment since I last played. Golf clubs are much bigger and far lighter now. I picked up a massive sized driver and I said you myself "Tony, even you could hit the ball long and straight with this baby". 

Me: (Looking at my son-in-law), "I thought there were PGA rules against using clubs this big", (waving the bomber back and forth slight above the store floor).
Him: "Not any more",  he replied.
Me: "What the heck else has changed since the days when I played? These clubs are so light, I bet they're easy to carry around the course".
Him: "Carry? You mean over your shoulder in a bag?"
Me: "Yeah, yeah, I know everyone uses pull carts now"
Him: "Pull carts? You mean aluminum carts you pull up and down hills?"
Me:  "OK, I know so rich people sit and ride around the course in a golf cart."
Him: "Nope, rich people use the CaddyTrek."
Me:  "What is the CaddyTrek?"
Him: "Its a remote controlled cart that carries your golf clubs around the course."
Me:  "Explain, please."
Him: "Well, you clip a pocket sized sensor on your belt and the CaddyTrek follows you around the course carrying your clubs wherever you go."
Me: "Are you kidding?"
Him: "And you can even program it to meet you at the next tee or call home."
Me: "Call home? What good would calling "home" from a golf course do? Why not program CaddyTrek to call Sam Snead?"
Him: "I think Sam Snead died awhile back...

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