Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google apps challenging Microsoft Office

The New York Times reports today that Google Apps, the cloud-based software for word processing, spreadsheets and communications, is significantly cutting into Microsoft's core business of selling these applications to business.  Part of this is driven by cost - the Google product is much cheaper - but it also reflects changes in how businesses operate.  Today there is much more collaboration done over long distances so having documents residing on the Internet rather than on someone's computer helps that happen.  I use both Microsoft Office and Google Apps.  Microsoft is good because it is familiar and has more capabilities (although that might be due to my greater familiarity with it) while Google is available to me anywhere that I have an internet connection.  In an age of multiple devices (work computer, home computer, iPad, smart phone) having such access to my documents is very beneficial.  Of course, when you don't have internet access, you don't have your documents.  I think I'll continue to use both Google and Microsoft; I don't think either is going away any time soon.

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