Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dodging the snowstorm

The evolving forecast yesterday ramped up the area weather-anxiety level.  A big storm was bearing down on the Commonwealth; the big question was where would the rain-snow line end up.  Fortunately for us it was someplace north of Lowell.  Snow began falling here at about 10 last evening but sometime during the night it changed to rain so at 5:30 this morning we were greeted with only an inch of heavy wet slush.  With the temperature rising (35 at 5:30 am to 39 at 8:00 am) it didn't seem like that slush would be freezing anytime soon so there was no real urgency to move it off of driveways.  We were lucky, though, because the snow line was only a few miles to the north.  People arriving from Tyngsborough, Massachusetts and Hudson, New Hampshire reported substantial snowfall.  A customer here from Worcester reports 8 inches on the ground there.  So Lowell got lucky this time.  Hopefully that persists.

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