Friday, December 28, 2012

Timothy Warren Sr., 1923-2012

Today's Globe carries the obituary of Timothy Warren Sr. who served as President of the Warren Group, the financial publishing company founded by his grandfather, for more than 30 years.  One of the Warren Group's best known publications is Banker and Tradesman, the weekly newspaper containing financial and real estate information for Massachusetts.  The registries of deeds in Massachusetts have long had a relationship with Banker and Tradesman: we are the source (for a fee) of much of the data they publish (after they "add value" to it with historical and usage information from their database and from other sources).  When I started at the registry in 1995, we used to mail paper compilations of sales to B&T.  For many years now, that information is provided electronically from a central point at the Secretary of State's Office.  I never met Mr. Warren, but I have come to know his son, Timothy Warren Jr. who succeeded his father as CEO of the Warren Group quite well.  Tim Jr. is one of the foremost authorities on real estate trends in Massachusetts and is frequently quoted by the media on that topic.  So condolences to the entire Warren Group and Tim Jr. and his siblings in particular. 

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