Monday, December 03, 2012

November statistics

The last day of November was a busy one here at the registry with a total of 516 documents being recorded.  The overall statistics for the month were good with deeds up 23% from 437 in November of 2011 to 537 in November of 2012.  The rate of increase for mortgages, while still up, slowed slightly with only a 10% increase, rising from 1371 in November 2011 to 1502 in November 2012.  Foreclosure deeds were way down, dropping 50% from 40 in November 2011 to 20 in November 2012.  Orders of notice were also down (by 26%) declining from 78 in November 2011 to 58 in November 2012.  The total number of documents recorded was op just 4%, from 5885 to 6112.  After eleven months, the total number of documents recorded in 2012 (64,978) is 9% higher than the number recorded by the end of November of 2011 (59563).

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