Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final Post

   Sadly, I write...this will be my last blog entry for the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds. I am retiring as First Assistant Register today, December 13, 2012 after eighteen years of service. I've been writing the lowelldeeds blog with co-author and Registry of Deeds Dick Howe for the past nine years.

    For a number of months I knew the day would come when I would write this post. I thought much about what to write. I considered and rejected several themes. The MacArthur theme:"old assistant registers never die they just fade away" (too corny for me); the Shakespearean theme: "parting the registry is such sweet sorrow" (too emotional); the Lou Gehrig theme: "today, I consider myself the luckiest assistant register in the world" (too, self absorbed);  the Emily Dickinson theme: parting is all we assistant registers know of heaven and all we assistant registers need to know of hell"( nah, not me)...I rejected all of these.

     From the beginning the purpose of the lowelldeeds blog was to keep the public abreast of issues related to real estate, technology, and most importantly the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds.

     I truly enjoyed writing this blog. Over nine years I estiminate I have written close to 1,000 entries. Yes, sometimes my topics were silly and sometimes they were an attempt at humor (notice I said an "attempt") and some were even informative. I've written about scanning, back scanning, indexing, recording, work flow, record books (remember them?) and I've written about Shakespeare, Thoreau, Bill Belichcik, Steve Jobs, the Red Sox, the Celtics and too many other topics to mention. I loved writing them all.

   All roads have an end, but the good thing is... all roads lead to new adventures.  

So with a click of my mouse, I wish you all good health and happiness.



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