Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow and Ice Monday

It started snowing lightly in Lowell yesterday at about noon and gradually switched over to sleet later in the afternoon.  Only about an inch of snow fell before the change over, but the temperature never rose above 29 degrees so things remained slippery through the day and night.  I heard from someone who drove from New York City to Lowell yesterday afternoon.  On Route 495 alone, there were 19 accidents caused by surfaces made slick by freezing rain.  That rain continued overnight so this morning everything outside was coated with ice with temperatures still a few degrees below freezing.  Fortunately, the main streets in the city had been treated, so driving around here wasn't too bad.  Here's what New England Cable News posted as its forecast for the next few days:

Monday...   Areas of freezing rain inland, snow in central/northern New England, rain in far southern New England, tapering in intensity from midday onward. Highs around 40 south, 30s central, 20s north. East-northeast wind 5-15 mph.

Overnight Monday Night...   Areas of rain fill back in for most. Snow in northern NH and central/northern Maine. Lows in the 40s along the south coast, 30s central/north, 20s in northern Maine. East-northeast wind 5-15 mph.

Tuesday...   Morning rain gradually tapers to showers, mixing with snow in northern New England, and eventually central New England during the night. Highs in the 40s south, 30s north. Variable wind 2-14 mph.
Wednesday...  Mostly cloudy. Areas of snow in Maine and northern New Hampshire. Highs in the lower 40s, 30s north.

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